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1. Legal warning and Information and its acceptance

The present legal warning regulates the access and the use of the service of the Place Web or (in the successive thing, the “Place Web”) that the Roidal company, S.L. makes available of the users of Internet interested in its services and contents (in the successive thing, the “Users”). Cultius les Fontanes will be able to change at any time and without previous warning, the design, the presentation and o/configuración of the Place Web, as well as some or all the services, and to add of nuts. The user will have to consider that the materials and I connect contents in this Place Web rotted not to reflect the most recent information of the services of Cultius les Fontanes or of third offered through Place Web. The administrative information facilitated through Place Web does not replace the legal publicity of the laws, general dispositions and of the acts that there are to be published in the DOGC and other official newspapers, the printed edition of which is the only instrument that gives to faith of its authenticity and content. The use of this Place Web implies the full acceptance of the dispositions including in the present Warning in the version published by Cultius les Fontanes at the moment in what the User accedes to the Place Web. Also Cultius les Fontanes puts in knowledge of the Users of this Place Web that these General Conditions of Use can be modified without previous notification. Consequently, the User must kindly read the present Legal Warning in each one of the occasions in what he comes myself to use the Place Web, since this he can undergo modifications. The use of certain services offered to the Users through Place Web is put under own particular conditions that, according to the cases, replace, complete and o/modifican the present General Conditions of Use. Consequently, with previous character to the use of the referred services, the User must read kindly and accept therefore the corresponding own particular conditions. Finally, the use of the Place Web is put under all the warnings, regulations equally and given instructions to know the User by Cultius les Fontanes that replace, complete and o/modifican the present Legal Warning.

2. Conditions of access and use of the Place Web

The User I commit myself to make a diligente use of the Place Web and accessible services DES' d this, with total subjection to the Law, moral convention and the present General Conditions and, in its case, Particular Conditions, obvious maintaining the had respect to the other users. the user will resign to use anyone of the materials and information contained in this Place Web with illicit purposes and specifically prohibited in the present General Conditions of Use as well as in the particular conditions that, their case, s' they qualify, which they are opposite to the rights and interests from Cultius les Fontanes, to his members and o/terceros, and will have to such respond verse in case of contravening or of failing to fulfill the mentioned obligations, and o/que, anyway (including the introduction or “computer science” diffusion of virus), they spoil, they make unusable, they overload, they deteriorate or they prevent the normal use of the materials and information contained in the Place Web, the systems of information or the documents, archives and all class of contents stored in any computer science equipment (hacking) of Cultius les Fontanes, of its members or any User of the Place Web.

3. Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility

Cultius les Fontanes not makes responsible of damages and damages of all class that can be given by the lack of exactitude, exhaustivitat, the present time, as well as of errors either omissions of what information could to sin and services which it offers east Place Web or of other contents to which can be acceded through, neither assumes no to have or commitment to verify nor to watch his contents and o/informaciones. Therefore, Cultius les Fontanes do not guarantee the availability, continuity nor the infalibilidad of the operation of the Place Web, and consequently it excludes, in the Maxima measured allowed by the effective legislation, any responsibility by the damages and damages of all class that can have' to s to the lack of availability or continuity of the operation of the Place Web and of its qualified services, as well as to the errors in' l access to the different pages Web or those from which, in their case, the mentioned services are lent. Cultius les Fontanes declines all responsibility by the computer science damages or of another type that could cause the User acceding to the contents of this Place Web. For that reason it is reason why Cultius les Fontanes does not guarantee the harmful absence of virus or other elements that could spoil or produce alterations in the computer science system, electronic documents or the files of the User sent to third. Cultius les Fontanes it excludes any responsibility by the damages and damages from all class that could have to served by third through this Place Web as well as to the means concretely that these qualify to manage the requests on watch, and, of declarative way and that does not limit: by the acts of disloyal competition and illicit publicity as a result of the benefit of services by third through Place Web, as well as of the lack of veracity, exactitude, exhaustivitat, vices, defects, pertinencia and o/actualidad of the transmitted, spread contents, stored, receipts, obtained, put to disposition or accessible by means of served by third through Place Web. Cultius les Fontanes recommends the User who prints the general conditions before exposed and he conserves them in his power.

4. Company data

Cultius les Fontanes sl.
C/Nou, 16 - 43885 - Salomó (Tarragona)
Tel: (+34) 977 62 90 29 - Fax: (+34) 977 62 90 52

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