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In 2003 Les Fontanes is founded with the aim of promoting the respect towards nature and the green culture. Les Fontanes is located in Salomó, Tarragona, 8 kms from the Golden Coast in the Mediterranian.

The company, of familiar character, offers a wide range of high standing and quality plants, specialized in the palmacies family, widely appreciated and very demanded in major countries of the european community. Their offer is focused on sector wholesaler, gardens, architects, constructors, majors and other professionals.

The ideal mediterranian climate of the area, and the special properties of the estate's water guarantees the growth and developing of the plants in a very outstanding form, providing high quality palmaceas and plants.

Our target is to have our clients completely satisfied, offering a continuate service and a proper professional relationship. For that, we have a 35 hectares estate in full nature and in a forest environement, with an appropiate microclimate.

Our human team has a high knowledge in species and in growth techniques in order to provide our clients an optimate quality. We would like to offer our services and products and we welcome you to contact us and know us better.

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