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1. Rights of information

With the object of the anticipated one to the Statutory law of Protection of Data of Carácter Personal (LOPD), Cultius les Fontanes inform the User into the existence of an automated file of personal character data created by the own Cultius les Fontanes under its responsibility, with the purpose of upon maturity taking to the maintenance and the management of the relation with the applicants of information or Users who have acceded through own electronic forms of Cultius les Fontanes qualified to the Place Web, or by means of messages of electronic mail. Taken care of the vocation international of Cultius les Fontanes, as well as into the characteristics of the different services that Web offers through Place, we informed them that for the perfect development and attainment of its objectives, Cultius les Fontanes it can communicate its personal signs to third organizations which they serve of data processing in favor of Cultius les Fontanes for the purposes above detailed. The mentioned organizations could be domiciled the foreigner, even to countries that do not have a level of equipable protection to which it establishes the Spanish effective norm in the matter of protection of data and, in this case, Cultius les Fontanes I commit myself to maintain the confidentiality of its data and to give a safe treatment to the international movements of data that can be produced. Certain services offered to the Place Web can contain particular conditions with forecasts in the matter of protection of personal signs.

2. Purpose

The data that the User facilitates are gathered by Cultius les Fontanes with the purpose of managing their request, transacting the services whom it asks for, as well as to facilitate information to him of the services that can be from their interest.

3. Consent of the User

The shipments of the data, by means of the use of the electronic forms of Cultius les Fontanes or messages of electronic mail, the mass media simultaneously suppose the express consent of the sender to the automated treatment of the data including a indicated, that the shipment of communications by via Telematics and postcard with information of our services. the User also authorizes specifically the communication of his data to third domiciled organizations so much in Spanish territory as the foreigner that serve of data processing in favor of Cultius les Fontanes for the purposes above indicated. the acceptance of the User because their data are treated, receives commercial communications by via Telematics or postcard or to the international transference of data in the form established in this paragraph always has a stuccoable character without retroactive effects, I conform the one that arranges the effective legislation. the User guarantees that the facilitated personal signs to Cultius les Fontanes are vertaderes and he is made responsible communicate to Cultius les Fontanes any modification of these.

4. Modification of the present Policy of Protection of Data

Cultius les Fontanes reserves the right to modify the present policy to adapt it to future legislative or jurisprudenciales new features, as well as to practices of the sector, informing previously to the Users of the changes that can be produced.

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