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With the aim of promoting respect for nature and the culture of green, Les Fontanes was born in 2003 in Salomó (Tarragona) 8 km. from the Costa Dorada of the Mediterranean.

The family-owned company offers a range of high-quality plants, specialized in the palm family, highly appreciated in recent years and in great demand in the countries of the European community. It offers its services to the wholesale sector: gardens, architects, builders, town halls and other professionals.

Our goal is to achieve the full satisfaction of our clients by guaranteeing a continuous service and a correct professional relationship.


We have a 35-hectare vivarium surrounded by nature with a wooded environment and a very suitable microclimate for this purpose.

We have a human team with a high knowledge of species and cultivation techniques to be able to offer the desired quality to our clients.

We look forward to serving you with our products and we invite you to get to know us better.


We have a wide variety of palm trees and very high quality plants.

C/ Nou, 16

43885 Salomó (Tarragona)

Phone: +34 977 629 029

Fax: +34 977 629 052


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